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Claire & “Petey”

I thought I would take a minute to write to you and tell you how much I LOVE your collars.

I have a Havanese, they are small dogs with long, fine, silky hair. When kept in long coat they cannot wear collars because of tangles and mats. Regular buckle collars make the hair knot and tangle and also break the coat around the neck.

My havanese, Petey, never wears a collar unless he is working and these days he is a very busy dog. Petey is active in agility, obedience, Rally-O and is also a certified therapy dog. During all of his activities he wears a Mes Amis collar. The soft fabric keeps his coat looking fantastic and I love that I have so many colours to choose from. All in all, just such a fantastic product and I am so happy there is a good collar for long coated breeds!

Kindest regards
Claire & “Petey”

JoAnna Matthisen

“I have used Stacia’s leashes, collars and grooming nooses for years! I love the products and all the colors! They are strong, durable, and don’t break the coat around the neck. The slip leads are perfect for moving dogs around and I love the fact that they can be left on while bathing, are easily washed and are back to as good as new! Everyone who works in my set up can attest that I use them all the time! And the grooming nooses… they are the only ones I use!!!”

JoAnna Matthisen
Sendache Bernese Mt. Dogs

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Lee Wyllie

Pictured are our two Dobermans. Madeline is the black and Roman our newest addition is the red. They look stunning in the Mes Amis collars. Mes Amis collars are the softest and the most beautiful available – nothing comes close. They are just the right width and the material is so soft. Roman and Madeline love wearing them. Roman looks best in the orange but Madeline looks gorgeous in any colour. We get compliments on the collars all the time. They wash up beautifully in the wash machine… oops they often end up in the dryer and they still look the same. Your collars are fantastic

Lee Wyllie
British Columbia, Canada

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Chuckanut Retrievers

That’s all we use, you can throw them in the washing machine when they get funky too. [Click image to view enlargement.]

Ken Mathews and Wayne Miller
Chuckanut Retrievers, Bellingham WA