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Product FAQ’s

Sizing Questions

How do I know what size collar to order:

Measure around your dogs’ neck using a flexible measuring tape laying the beginning of the tape measure at the point where your dog comfortably wears their collar. Make sure the measuring tape is fairly snug, though not tight. Using the size chart below select a size so that your dog’s measurement lies near the middle.

  • XS (Extra-small): 8″-14″
  • S (Small): 12″-18″
  • M (Medium): 16″-22″
  • L (Large): 18″-26″
  • XL (Extra-large): 20″-30″

Please note: When ordering Limited Slip Collars please allow extra length so that the collar will slip over your dog’s head.

What width should I order?

We offer two widths of collar and leash webbing: .5 inch and .75 inch. We generally recommend the .5 inch width collars for puppies, toy and smaller dogs and the .75 inch width for medium and large dogs.

Please note: In the case of our Buckle collars the larger the buckle the stronger the collar. So a .75 inch width buckle collar would be stronger than a .5 inch width buckle collar.

Customising Mes Amis Products

Do you do custom leash lengths?

Yes we can customise leash lengths. Please Contact Us with your questions.

Please note: Custom leashes and collars are not returnable unless we have made an error in the production.

Do you offer embroidery on any of your products?
Unfortunately we do not offer embroidery on our products.

Caring for your Mes Amis Products

Are your products washable?

Yes absolutely! I suggest hand washing and hanging dry. I know several of our customers wash them in washing machines with great results and comment frequently that the collars and leashes retain their vibrant color and form.

  • Please note: When using a washing machine or dryer, I would suggest that the collars or leashes are placed in a “delicates bag” to prevent chipping the inside of the appliances.
  • Please note: I recommend washing collars periodically as dirt and grit gets into the woven fibers and may effect how the size adjustment holds.

Manufacturing components

What are your products made of?
  • All our snap hooks, welded o-rings and welded d-rings are nickel plated zinc dye cast for strength and have a polished smooth finish.
  • Our buckles and glides are molded with high quality acetal plastic.
  • The thread we use is a heavy bonded poly that has superior strength and flexibility. It is UV light resistant and is not subject to mildew.
  • All hardware, webbing and thread used in Mes Amis Products is made in the USA.

Your dog’s safety

Safety Tips
  • Please note: We ask you to always remember safety when leaving a dog unattended wearing a collar and/or leash or grooming noose.
  • Please note: Do not use any Mes Amis Products to “tie out” your dog.

Volume Discounts

Do you offer any quantity discounts to 4H, breed clubs or special events?
  • Please Contact Us for information on discounts.


Do you sell wholesale ?
  • Yes absolutely! Please Contact Us for information.

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